Summer Classes 2021 Method Acting Center

Summer Classes-2021

In order to ensure you the best possible quality during our workshops, a very strict sanitary protocol is applied in all units at all times. Only a certain number of people are allowed at the same time in each room according to the size and the type of class. For further enquiry or information, feel free to contact our team and dial 06 07 41 41 25.

Summer Classes… What is it ?

5 weeks of intensive training from July 3rd to August 13th 2021, with evolving and diverse units, where you will be able to select different classes every week. You can choose the same unit several times as you will be working on different scenes each time. Acting in English include 3 Classes :

SCENE STUDY // Play scenes while using the Method : work on character development and acting techniques to develop capacities to be emotionally honest, practice Exploration and preparation exercises as well as Improv and ‘free your voice’ ! According to the program of the weekly class Acting in English.

SHAKESPEARE Part. 1 & 2 // How to play Shakespeare in Shakespeare’s language ? Explore a pragmatic approach to act out speeches, soliloquies and character. This class offers a connection and experience of The Bard’s characters end themes and will help to show why Shakespeare is still relevant today.

ON CAMERA // Practice your acting in front of a camera ! How to act with both a script and the specificities of filming, in duos. For this workshop, you can watch the rushes after but not use them for demoreels.

July schedules

August schedules

For whom ?

For anyone speaking English fluently, who wants to participate in short-term workshops, in order to join our yearly Acting in English program, or simply to have fun this summer ! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice on the choice of your classes.

How many people in each unit ?

From 7 to 15 people.

Where is it ?

In Paris, 13th arrondissement, near place d’Italie.

How much is it ?

Minimum of 3 classes or 3 units of 4h : 105€ // From 4 to 5 classes : 35€ per unit // From 4 to 5 classes : 30€ per unit (-15%).

How do I book ?

Online, with your credit card or your PayPal account. If you’re not comfortable with this type of payment, you can make a bank transfer or come by our office to pay (by check or cash). Bookings are only registered once your payment has been received.


Sonia Backers

Scene Study – Shakespeare Part. 1 & 2
Acting in English

Through her career, Sonia has worked many different places such as Australia and France. She has been in several films like The Man in the iron mask (opposite Gérard Depardieu) and several TV shows.

She loves teaching others and has coached many actors, directors and musicians through scene study, voice and movement.

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Elie Haddad

Scene Study & Acting on Camera
Acting in English

Elie Haddad was trained as an actor in different schools in Paris but also in Los Angeles, where he discovered and studied Method acting with Sandford Meisner.

Since then, Elie has featured in many successful international TV shows like Games of Thrones (HBO) and Le Bureau des légendes (Canal +).

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